New England's premier aerial filming and photography service

Chris Trafford - Creative Director

Rob Mitchell - Technical Director

HoverFlow founders are local advertising and business professionals who met paddling the rivers of Maine and New Hampshire. We're fond of traveling to remote places and are very familiar with local geography. In the air or on the water, we strive for unique perspectives.

HoverFlow was derived from passions for photography, technology and marketing. With a thorough understanding of natural light and a commitment to supernatural equipment and techniques, we look forward to helping take your project to the next level. Literally.

HoverFlow is extremely portable and we obviously love to fly. Our aerial solutions are more affordable than traditional helicopters and our minimum altitude is much lower. We offer videos and stills from angles yet to be seen. Bring HoverFlow to a shoot near you.

Six inches to six hundred feet. We combine GPS and altimeter telemetry to deliver controlled motion and hovering. From golf courses to greenhouses, factories to fairgrounds, HoverFlow is the premier aerial filming and photography service in Maine and New England.

HoverFlow also offers aerial services for interiors. With wind concerns out of the picture, interior shooting provides ideal flight conditions. Showcase your facility from the ultimate vantage point. Contact us and we'll determine if your location meets our safety requirements.

HoverFlow is excited to offer your production efforts new and exciting opportunities in filming. If you already have an idea for a shot, or want us to think about an aerial concept to incorporate in your next video, contact HoverFlow today and we'll get the rotors spinning.

In addition to aerial photography, HoverFlow offers editing, motion graphics, music and other related services. Chris has received national and international recognition for achievements in advertising. Visit to see a complete list of services.